safeTALK is a 3-4 hour training that can be taken by anyone over the age of 15, regardless of prior experience or training. This workshop prepares participants to become a suicide-alert helper. Most people with thoughts of suicide don’t truly want to die, but are struggling with the pain in their lives. Through a person with thoughts of suicide’s words and actions, they invite help to stay alive. safeTALK-trained helpers can recognize these invitations and take action by connecting them with life-saving intervention resources, such as a caregiver trained in ASIST.

Training features:

  • Presentations and guidance from a LivingWorks registered trainer
  • Access to support from a local community resource person
  • Powerful audiovisual learning aids
  • The simple yet effective TALK steps: Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe
  • Hands-on skills practice and development

Additional information about the safeTALK workshop can be found at LivingWorks.

Upcoming Sessions

  • email for upcoming workshop dates

The cost of a SafeTALK: $800 for a group of 10-25 participants. This price includes all workshop materials.

For more information about how you can have NEED2 deliver a SafeTALK workshop for your organization or community group, or to inquire about registering as an individual send an email to