Live Chat is a community of professionally-trained volunteers who are here to support you, whatever you are going through. Youth under 30 from across Canada are welcome in the live chat, which runs 6PM-midnight Pacific Standard Time every night, and which can be accessed through the website, or by texting 778-783-0177.

We won’t give you advice, or tell you what to do, but we will support you in the moment, encourage you to explore your thoughts, feelings, fears, options, ideas and resources.


Youth Talk Email Counselling is offered through a partnership with Pacific Centre Family Services Association. A professional youth counsellor responds to youth via email, building a supportive online relationship. Responses can be expected within five days.


Suicide Support Group

Have you lost someone you love to suicide, and feel like no one understands?

We do.

Support for Suicide Loss is a support group for adults who have lost a loved one to suicide. It is a group of caring, compassionate individuals who have all experienced suicide loss. It is a place where we can safely share, listen, grieve, learn about how others are coping and receive mutual support.

The support group meets the first Thursday of each month for two hours. It is run by qualified and experienced facilitators, whose role is to establish safety and to assist the flow of the group. The group format is peer-to-peer support and is not meant to replace professional counselling, treatment, or medical support.

Why attend a support group?

Moving through grief usually doesn’t happen quickly or even completely, and you may need company and support along your journey. It can be powerful to connect with other people who have experienced loss due to suicide, and a relief to be able to talk about suicide with people who ‘get it’. A support group can provide a sense of connection—a safe place where everyone can share their experiences and support each other.

Some people who have suffered a loss through suicide attend a support group almost immediately, while others may wait months and even years. Some may attend steadily, others only at ‘hard times’. It may take a few meetings before you become comfortable. You may discover that sharing in a group setting isn’t comfortable for you, or you may learn that everything you’re feeling is “normal”.

  • How much do I have to share?
  • What happens at a meeting?
  • Is a support group right for me?

If you are interested in learning more about Support for Suicide Loss, please complete and submit the form below and someone will contact you to talk more about the group. You can also email NEED2 for additional information.

Resource Database also offers a rich online resource database, focusing on youth programs, mental health and wellness. With a focus on serving youth in Greater Victoria, there is a section devoted to local services and organizations. Many online supports and resources are also featured.